Flowers Nails


Natural-looking – Light and tidy, very flexible

Gel nails have been trending for many years as the best solution to shellac and acrylic, which can leave your nail beds damaged. GEL NAILS ARE COMPLETELY SAFE! They don’t require the extreme roughing of the nail bed as with acrylic and shellac color; this makes them HEALTHIER FOR YOUR NATURAL NAILS. After 5 or 10 times of applying acrylic and shellac, your nail beds are very thin and can easily break. GEL NAILS LOOK MORE NATURAL and are a great way to help you grow your own natural and beautiful looking nails. GEL NAILS can be thinner and glossier than acrylics; and since gel doesn’t harden until placed under an LED light, our stylist CAN MANIPULATE THE NAIL TO PERFECTION. (Acrylic hardens when subjected to air and are not easily manipulated.) You may select a natural look, color or a variety of NAIL ART DESIGNS. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF to try our GEL NAILS. There is no discomfort or pain as there can be with the application of acrylics and whatever you have been doing with acrylics, you can do with GEL. YOU WILL BE COMFORTABLE, RELAXED AND CONFIDENT THAT YOU ARE CONTRIBUTING TO A MORE HEALTHY NAIL SOLUTION! The odorless brush-on gel will provide a strong, thinner and more lightweight nail that looks so NATURAL, folks will complement you DAILY! It is more expensive for the initial application, but their maintenance is about the same. Another HUGE advantage IS THE LIQUID GET WILL NOT POP UP OR LIFT. If it does, we will repair it free of charge! (This should tell you how confident we are!!!)