Mani & Pedi

Colagen Manicure $20 
Shellac Manicure Color $30 
Shellac French Manicure $35 
Classic Pedicure $30 
Deluxe Pedicure $35 
FLOWER SPA Pedicure $50 
Herbal SPA Pedicure $55 
Winter SPA Pedicure $65 


Eyebrows $10 
Lip $8 
Chin $10 
Full Face $30 & Up
Bikini $25 & Up
Brazilian $50 & Up


Facial $50 

Full Set

Acrylic $35 +
White Tip $40 
Solar Pink & White $55 
Permanent Pink & White gel $65 
Liquid Gel set without color $40 
Pink & White Liquid Gel shellac $55 
Sculptured nails $70 

Fill In

Acrylic $25 
Liquid Gel shellac color $40 
Permanent both Pink & White gel $50 
Solar both Pink & White $50 
Liquid Gel fill with french shellac $45 


Classic Pedicure $30 

Trim/ file toe nails, cuticles cut feet scrub, lotion, color polish, foot massage, sea salt skin exfoliation.

Deluxe Pedicure $35 

Arouse your senses and revitalize your sore muscles. Your tired feet will emerge refreshed and soft after a bath with fresh mint and eucalyptus, sweet orange, and tea tree oils. Relax your overworked muscles with an energizing massage and rediscover your soft skin with intensive callus refining treatment.

Flower Spa Signature Pedicure $50 

Nail trim, shaping, cuticle grooming, intensive callus treatment, Milk and Honey is wonderful in protecting and rejuvenating with its antioxidant properties which act as skin rejuvenators while its hydrogen peroxide properties aid in cleaning. Your feet are soaking in a real milk bath. Following the soak, your feet take place in an exfoliating vanilla Milk and Honey sea salt scrub and slices of orange are added to the soak. will help to remove the old dry skin. Apply Milk and Honey mask wrapped in hot towels. Includes hot stones, lotion butter, paraffin wax leave your feet tingle for an hour.

Pina Colada Pedicure $55 

Jelly-Pedi is truly a unique spa experience. Jelly-Pedi turns water into a luxurious encasing comfort which provides the ultimate relief for stressed feet while providing relaxing aromatherapy. if you never experience a pedicure before or having difficulties removing thick calluses this is a great choice. Apply mask wrapped in hot towels. Include hot stones, lotion butter, special attention will be paid to softening the rough dry are on your heels and soles to give your hardworking feet a complete makeover. Which lead to softer skin! The most fabulous treatment your feet receive Ever!!

Herbal Pedicure $55 

At Flowers Nails, all herbal pedicure includes an all-natural (organic)herbal exfoliation of your choice to give you the best spa experience you never had before. In addition, we are also specialized in aromatherapy foot massages to give you a special feeling you can hardly find from any other place.

Certified Organic Products  

Rejuvenation. Congestion. Relief. Mental Clarity. Herbal Detox. Just for women. Bridal Bouquet. BRIDAL BOUQUET. Relaxing Lavender. Calming TeaTime. Renewing Rose. Migraine Relief. Exhilarating Java. Warm Cocoa. Muscle Tension Relief.

Pure Organic Pedicure $65 

This fresh approach uses gentle steam to pamper feet, significantly reducing water consumption and taking up considerably less space. Experience this totally new concept in pedicure treatments now. the herbal steam in an amazingly refreshing experience – the herbal mix stimulants and invigorates and the combination of steam and color water plunge pool energizes and refreshes.

Pedi-in-a-box $58 

Sea Salt Detox Soak, exfoliating sugar scrub, mud masque to clean and tighten skin, massage cream to hydrate and smooth. Fill organic ingredients in eleven different scents

Tranquility Signature Pedicure $42 

Salt Soak, toenails trim, exfoliating sugar scrub, callus removal, a leg mud mask treatment wrapped with a hot towel, leg massage with hot stone finish. You can choose Lavender, Organ, Green Tea, Tropical.